3 Questions to Tong Thi Hai Long

We asked Tong Thi Hai Long, Chief Representative Hanoi, about the people who use her services, what her customers expect, and how she can surprise customers.

Tong Thi hai Long, LBBW Office Hanoi

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In Vietnam it is quite a challenge to devise sustainable ECA cover export financing solutions. Tong Thi Hai Long is a specialist not only with this local peculiarity.

1. Who uses your services and expertise?

Our customers are Vietnamese corporates who are sponsors of large investment projects and would like to approach to ECA cover export financing solutions.

2. What attractive options do customers often underestimate?

Customers often underestimate our global reach and size but are impressed by our knowledge and experience according to each type of customers. They are often startled by our dynamism and the efficiency in the way we deliver our products to them. We always give the customers best ECA financial solutions and advisories on local banking issues.

3. How can you surprise customers?

We are always prepared to listen and help customers solving obstacles and difficulties during the implementation of their projects.

The City of Hanoi

LBBW in Hanoi

Vietnam is an economically up-and-coming country. LBBW supports German companies in seizing opportunities through its representative office in Hanoi.

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Above all, foreign trade is the engine that drives the economy.

International Network

Wherever you want to make a difference, LBBW is there. Our global international network comprises 18 locations in 17 countries.

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