3 Questions to Su Gao

We asked Su Gao, Chief Representative Beijing, about of the people who use her services, what her customers expect, and how she can surprise customers.

Su Gao, LBBW Office Beijing

Your contact person

Networking is her fortitude: Su Gao manages the LBBW’s representative office in Beijing since 2007 and has established strong relationships to Chinese banks. Her know-how allows her to steer LBBW customers through the highly regulated Chinese market.

1. Who uses your services and expertise?

The Chinese financial market is highly regulated. Therefore it helps that our LBBW Beijing team possesses more than 25 years of experience in this very special financial market, including local regulatory. Based on our experience we enable market access for LBBW’s international clients. Through our extensive contacts we help our clients to communicate with local banks and financial institutions as well as the local authorities, to make sure their financial activities running smoothly and compliantly.

2. What attractive options do customers often underestimate?

With our help, our clients can easily avoid the financial regulatory risk, which makes their compliance work in this respect much easier. To large local corporates as well as the local financial institutions, we are more like a one stop entry point towards LBBW Europe or even the European financial markets – which also makes our local clients’ life easier.

3. How can you surprise customers?

Our export finance clients often gain huge competitiveness with our professional financial advice and solutions, including impressive terms and conditions, among all the competitors during the bidding. German company’s subsidiaries find that they usually receive better treatment from local banks if the LBBW’s local team is involved.

The City of Beijing

LBBW in Beijing

Beijing is China’s political center; it is here that the economic course is set. This is one of the reasons why LBBW has a representative office here.

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Above all, foreign trade is the engine that drives the economy.

International Network

Wherever you want to make a difference, LBBW is there. Our global international network comprises 18 locations in 17 countries.

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