Syndicated Loans

LBBW is a one-stop-shop for finance – however large the amount. Syndicated loans prove to be an anchor in a company's financing mix.

If you have big plans in mind and are planning key strategic moves for the future, you can count on a syndicated loan. Whether it is used for investments or acquisitions, to shore up your financial base or provide the required level of liquidity – a syndicated loan is a reliable financial anchor. This type of financing involves two or more banks joining together to offer a company uniform credit terms. Syndicated loans offer companies flexibility and security at the same time: Instead of multiple individual agreements there is a single loan. LBBW structures the loan and arranges for the participation of the core banks as requested by the company. If new opportunities arise for the company, the syndicated loan can be adapted quickly and easily to the new planning.

LBBW gives customers the option of working together to manage even large-scale projects – without having to approach other lenders right at the start of the project. LBBW takes care of it. This makes the syndicated loan an anchor and LBBW a central interface within an optimally balanced financing mix that we develop and implement in close cooperation with you.

  • A syndicated loan can incorporate bilateral loans, cash loans and guarantee commitments,
  • and can be supplemented by Schuldschein and bonds, for example.

As an experienced partner, we will use our understanding of the credit and capital markets and industry sectors, and the know-know we have built up over a multitude of successfully implemented transactions, to your advantage. To give you an impression of the extent of our expertise: LBBW was involved in 94 out of the 201 transactions registered across Germany in 2017, largely in a lead position as mandated lead arranger and bookrunner.

Liquidity gives you room for maneuver

LBBW considers syndicated loans a concept rather than a product. "It's all about finding the perfect solution to suit a corporate’s needs," says Joachim Erdle, Head of LBBW's Syndicated Finance division. Which is why the staff of Corporate Loans work closely within the division with teams from Advisory , Acquisition Finance , Schuldschein , Loans, Bonds , ABS and Factoring .

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