Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying, selling, and merging: the LBBW M&A team plays to its strengths as a partner when it comes to deciding on the future of a company.

There are challenges that will likely crop up only once in the life of an entrepreneur: acquiring and merging with a company. Spinning off a subsidiary. Handing the company off to a successor. Raising equity capital for additional growth. These are all challenges that people often lack experience in. So it is even more important to have a partner at your side who has such experience: LBBW.

Whether for mergers or acquisitions, the M&A experts at LBBW know what matters most during this typically rushed process. LBBW supports companies on this journey with serious analysis as well as dedicated, professional advice with the utmost discretion and complete transparency.

A deft touch combined with negotiation skills

M&A projects have complex needs – and great responsibility. Aside from a deft touch, the experts providing support need a great deal of stamina, patience, and knowledge. Negotiating skills are just as essential as a knack for timing. All this in addition to a solid grasp of the sector and the market environment. LBBW uses reliable market information to assess companies, reviews and analyzes economic indicators, and identifies potential interested parties or possible acquisition candidates.

As part of LBBW’s advisory organization , the experts tap into their network of investors in this process. Thanks to extensive contacts and longstanding relationships with private equity companies and investment companies as well as family offices, LBBW has a comprehensive overview of who is planning what and when. This allows us to approach potential partners or buyers quickly and to discreetly clarify the situation.

This proves particularly beneficial for cross-border interests; information on foreign companies is often not as fast and not as thorough as hoped for – and even if so, there are national particularities. The LBBW M&A team is positioned accordingly. Not only does it harness the entire network of LBBW and Sparkassengruppe, it also has investment banks and an international M&A network to fall back on as needed.

Secure tomorrow’s business today

Mergers and acquisitions are not an end in themselves. These deals need to make strategic sense, which is why LBBW uses a clear structure to tackle this process. The first question asked is whether the deal fits in with the long-term corporate strategy. If the answer is yes, LBBW's experts work on structuring the deal optimally for our clients.

We handle deals ranging from EUR 20m to EUR 200m. So far, we have managed over 120 M&A deals in total, particularly in the following sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Transport and logistics
  • Telecommunications, media, IT
  • Pharma & health care
  • Energy and utilities

These include both groups with global operations and SMEs with regional bases. Our clients know that we will find the best solution for them.

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