If you want to invest and prefer not to commit your own capital, then leasing is the option for you. This classic form of finance preserves your credit lines and ha

Companies are constantly focusing their sights on renewal. They are either purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, bolstering their vehicle fleets or driving forward digital transformation. Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary solutions. Such as leasing, for example.

The same model that works for car leasing is also proven for business purchases worth millions. Leasing is one of the most popular and well-known instruments in the financing mix for German companies. The benefits are obvious:

  • Leasing conserves credit facilities and improves liquidity.
  • Lessees can budget in the knowledge that the cost will be evenly spread.
  • Lessees can often finance leases directly using the income generated from the leased asset ("pay as you earn").
  • Lease installments can be adjusted to reflect seasonal fluctuations in income.
  • Lease installments are tax-deductible.
  • Leasing has a neutral effect on the balance sheet under certain circumstances and serves to improve a company's rating.

LBBW pools and coordinates its leasing business in the subsidiaries SüdLeasing, technology specialist ALVG and MMV Leasing. Our complete leasing product range includes equipment (i.e. movable assets). In addition to equipment and vehicle leasing, we also offer sales leasing (also known as manufacturer or vendor leasing) and municipal leasing.