Development Loans

Public-sector investment loans are attractive and sought-after. If you want to get the most out of them, you need a strong finance partner by your side: LBBW.

Development loans are drivers of innovation. They change the world by helping to turn new ideas into reality. This makes them appealing to companies because they not only offer favorable terms and conditions, but also boost competitiveness – and make many innovations possible in the first place. It is worth taking a closer look at what public-sector development loans are on offer. The government, federal states and the EU all have a variety of programs available, which could be key building blocks in the funding of trailblazing projects. The list of projects eligible for development funding is long and comprises not only business start-ups and investments in research and development, but also environmental protection activities, business relocations and investment in structurally weak regions.

LBBW is a top name when it comes to development funding for innovation. In 2017, LBBW had a market share of 22% in Germany for KfW's ERP digitalization and innovation funding program.

Broader funding base

It's not always easy to find your bearings in this diverse area. Which is why LBBW will help you to select the right development loan and to put in a successful application. Most projects cannot be implemented using development funding alone. It is often part of a broader financing plan.

Our development loans give you better access to public-sector services and subsidies. We can expand the financing structure of your project with favorable loans that have flexible repayment terms. This will help you to convince your sponsors, broaden your funding base and acquire another reliable financing partner.

How you benefit

  • You benefit from low-interest loans and state subsidies for investment.
  • Fixed-interest periods of up to 20 years provide you with a reliable basis for calculations.
  • You will receive state subsidies for investment in structurally weak areas.
  • You can extend your credit scope with state sureties and guarantees.
  • We develop financing solutions that are custom-tailored to each of your projects.