Euro Clearing

Having a euro account enables banks to carry out their global payments business in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Your competent partner for euro clearing:

The relationship between a bank and its customers is built around trust. This is a core ingredient in the recipe for business success. The customer needs to be able to rely on the bank handling its business in an efficient, secure and cost-efficient manner. This is particularly important for fundamental company processes such as payment transactions.

LBBW puts its services at the disposal of international banks to earn their trust as customers for global payment transactions with euro clearing, i.e. setting up a euro account with LBBW. When banks are required to operate outside their core markets, they are confronted by numerous regulatory requirements. This usually makes documentation, not to mention the entire process, more complicated. Having a euro account allows banks to simplify their global transactions, minimize payment risks and provide their customers with an optimum service.

The benefits of euro clearing with LBBW:

  • Opening a central euro account with LBBW allows banks to reduce their overall number of accounts. This enables faster reconciliation, generates more transparency and simplifies liquidity management.
  • Banks benefit from LBBW's comprehensive range of SEPA services and competitive cut-off times for their transactions.
  • Flexible pricing schemes calculate costs based on your particular needs and requirements.