Cash Pooling

Multiple accounts giving you multiple problems? There is another way. Companies that pool their finances with cash pooling boost their liquidity and minimize costs.

Companies that have to keep an eye on multiple subsidiaries at home and abroad know how much their account balances can vary. One company may have a balance in credit with funds that are going unused while another is in the red. This is not very efficient and produces unnecessary expense.

The answer to problems like these is cash pooling, an instrument that is ideal for companies that have multiple accounts. Cash pooling involves pooling the balances of company accounts within a central master account, which is normally held by a holding company. If a certain subsidiary requires capital, it can take the funds out of the cash pool. Cash pool accounts benefit from capital market interest rates if their balances are in credit and are covered by loan facilities if they go in the red. We also offer multi-level cash pooling in Germany, for euro and foreign currency accounts, and we provide interbank euro accounts in conjunction with our savings bank partners. And we offer SWIFT processing for accounts held abroad.

More favorable lending rates

Cash pooling helps you to boost your liquidity and minimize costs. We give you optimized management with our account pool and S-Zentral products. Pooling balances within one account means that your company will not require as much debt capital. If you require loan facilities, having higher equity available means that you will benefit from more favorable interest rates. Not to mention the fact that having a central account makes loan management easier.

With LBBW by your side, you have a partner that is a qualified cash pooling expert. Our specialists assess your situation and develop a concept that is tailored specifically to your company.

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