Business Portal

The Business Portal is a central internet application for LBBW customers that allows you to manage your payment transactions inexpensively, securely and with ease.

The Business Portal for LBBW customers makes payment transactions convenient, secure and inexpensive – and keeps you constantly informed of what's going on with your accounts. The Business Portal has been specially designed and developed for corporate customers. BW online banking is available for private customers.

Account information

You can view, save and print account statements or have your current account information displayed together with value dates. Simply download the data for further processing on your system. Intraday transactions are updated in the Business Portal every half-hour from 6:50 a.m. to 17:50 p.m. Updated account statements are made available every day between 20:00 p.m. and 21:00 p.m. We can provide customers with account statements and other information for the last 90 days.

Payment transactions

Our payment transactions services include SEPA transfers, SEPA direct debits, international and urgent transfers.

Click here for electronic banking acceptance and turnaround times:

Requirements: The payments must bear full (electronic) signature and there must be funds in the account.

You can also transfer pre-prepared payment files to us. Combining the Business Portal with SFirm produces a number of innovative solutions.

Business relationship

In the Business Relationship area, you are able to view your loan and guarantee accounts, securities deposit and fixed-term accounts together with the related detailed information (such as maturities, interest rates, security prices and netting accounts) as and when you require.

Frequently asked questions

Before you get started – or in case you cannot access the Business Portal – here are a few frequently asked questions. And helpful responses.

Key generation

The link "My user account is not active yet" will take you to a wizard that will guide you step by step through the user registration/introduction process. The necessary steps are explained in this guide.


Yes. As long as there is a connection to the internet. We recommend saving the key on an external data carrier (e.g. a USB stick) rather than on your computer.

The INI letter can be opened again on the Portal start page via the text link "I want to reprint my INI letter". You will also need to add the URL as an exception in the popup settings for your browser.


The password has to contain between 8 and 20 characters and include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers. Special characters are allowed. Please consider the recommendations of the Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSI).


Yes, every 90 days for security reasons. The necessary steps are explained in this guide

Please note: The Business Portal memorizes the last ten passwords. So please don't use the same one twice!


From 26 November 2018, you only have to select your key file and enter your password to sign in to the Business-Portal. You no longer need to enter the Customer ID and User ID. This adjustment does not affect security when logging in.

You could have made an error with uppercase and lowercase letters – or accidentally pressed the Caps Lock key. Another possibility is that the browser functionality "Save password" is enabled and your old password is still stored. Please disable the browser function or delete the stored password. You must ensure that you have access to the key drive in order to log in. If you do not, contact your system administrator.

The URL may be blocked. In this case, you will need to enable the URL in the browser, firewall or proxy server. Please contact your system administrator where necessary. We always recommend using the latest browser version.

Technical requirements

Operating systems

  • Windows 7 and higher
  • MacOS (not iOS)


  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox 38 and higher
  • Google Chrome 31 and higher
  • Apple Safari 7.1 and higher (auf Mac)

Elektronischer Schlüssel
A006 encryption (2.048 bit)

Empfohlenes Laufwerk
A:\, B:\ or removable media for the electronic key

Support via TeamViewer
Get your ID and password

Business Portal

You can view a number of short instruction videos on how to use the Business Portal here:

LBBW Business-Portal

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Our Business Portal is a central internet application that allows you to access extensive account information and to transact payments inexpensively, securely and with ease.

To the Business-Portal

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