If you need to make payments worldwide and access capital at short notice, LBBW's accounts fulfil all your daily business needs.

It's good when money gets where it needs to be quickly. Trusting business relationships also thrive on settling liabilities on time. To do all of this, companies require sufficient liquidity and a bank that can manage their daily business transactions smoothly. LBBW has the right account to suit your requirements:

The business account – the secret of your success

LBBW's business account is the hub of all your business activities, where all payments-related business transactions, as well as domestic and foreign payment transactions, converge. The account features the following services:

  • Transfers, standing orders and direct debits
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Delivery of account statements by post, electronically or through the ATM
  • Use of the Payments App

The EURIBOR 3M account – the business account with a borrowing function

LBBW's EURIBOR 3M account is a current account with a borrowing facility. Any interest calculated is linked to the 3-month EURIBOR*. This means transparent and fair borrowing rates at all times. Any changes in the reference rate have a direct impact on your debit interest rate – and vice-versa.

You can find out the details and conditions applying to our business accounts along with reference rates from your bank adviser. Current interest rates are available here:

The foreign currency account – for payment transactions in other currencies

If you do business outside the eurozone, you might have to process payments in another currency. This can carry a significant currency risk. LBBW has a solution with its foreign currency account that allows you to make cashless payments in all common currencies. Depending on the performance of the foreign currency, you can select when to convert payment receipts, thereby utilizing the hedging effect of the account.

The cash account – the investment account with near-money-market interest rates

LBBW's cash account is an investment-only account that accrues interest based on near-money-market rates, currently 85% of the 1-month EURIBOR*. The account is free and gives you daily access to your deposits.

* EURIBOR (Euro InterBank Offered Rate) is an unweighted average rate for term money in interbank business.

Do you have questions about our accounts?

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